ahem. welcome thee, to mobile connectivity.

BNC was convincing re posts of getting this phone over the newer models of SE. not to mention its cheaper to do so, since the model hasnt been manufactured well over a year. so, searched through the posts, someone was selling one. seven thousand pesos sounds reasonable enough, since last year, same time, im guessing it was twice the price. sms’d the guy the night before yesterday, he responded, i said ill reply my decision to purchase the unit soon. how soon? yesterday afternoon. arranged to meetup, in spite of all the cellphone person-to-person meetup horror stories i’ve been informed of. the slight fear escaped me, when the seller said he lived in a posh village near the posh mall, and told his driver to get the charger he forgot to bring. there i was, expecting a really seedy guy. this man who does golf in the afternoons even had his driver drop me off near Edsa. beat that.

so, yes, i’m back, and i’m… not quite ready for this new gadget. definitely need a fancy holster/case, since the back might get too dirty, and, soon, an IR device so i can synch it with the PC. adios, since i will try to play Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time. yes, i’m a poser of a gamer. i try. haha.

follow-up query: dude, you bought a phone without a camera? i thought you were a camera freak?

right on both counts, but i was working on a budget, and most camera-phones suck anyway. however, the possibility of attaching this to my phone is an idea im sitting on for now.