mark of evidence

the above image is the obligatory stamp you get when you enter the annual UP Fair. what happened? someone got stabbed again.

the last time i attended the fair (years ago, cant remember definite year) i was leisurely hanging out somewhere when one guy suddenly fell, approximately one to two feet away from me, with a big thump to the ground, clutching an area of his torso, and grimacing with pain. one or two seconds later, someone was on his knees and telling him to hang in there. minutes later, i had the confirmation that he was stabbed.

yesterday (technically, early this morning), after collective thug violence of people wanting to enter the fairgrounds (who were granted a fraction of their wish of being allowed to tear down the galvanized iron sheet walls to watch the concert, but was still refused entry), during that Tsinelas song by Kamikazee, the singer pointed out that someone was being stabbed in the mosh pit. seconds later, half of the people started a semi-stampede towards the back of the venue. curious me, i went for the stage after a few minutes, hoping to get a glimpse, overhear a story of what happened.

Ginripuhan‘ was the word of the day :/