everyone wants to be found

started the day by renting out dvds of PT Anderson‘s Hard Eight, and Sofia Coppola‘s Lost in Translation. my finding the former was incidental, my getting the latter is intentional, i even had it reserved.

Hard Eight aka Sydney is PTA’s first film, and if you’ve seen the later ones, it wont be so difficult citing this one bearing his signature techniques, sans the Altman-esque ensemble of characters. good? yes. can beat most of the provincial cable tv movies we see here at home most of the time.

Lost in Translation was a delight, and overwhelmingly enjoyable. great photography, and the overall pensive, and cool mood prevailed. also, a non-rock movie with samples of my bloody valentine and jesus and mary chain works, since this one did. and yes, the massive collective charm of bill murray and scarlett johansson was greater than expected.

however, the info found on this page will justify one part of the film i had a slight difficulty consuming. figure it out.

UPDATE: Lost in Translation is reportedly going to be released commercially on February 25. will be great to see this film again.