DIY it

got a haircut yesterday. found to my dismay this morning that it was the usual haricut i always get, with that irritating natural curl on my bangs. this afternoon, i got one of my mom’s scissors, and started cutting away, and got this:

last time i had spiky hair, it was in late grade school. last time i started cutting my hair was in college. i’d just snip away this part, that part, nothing major. the idea just sprung out from a fashion show i randomly watched wherein they featured the ‘DIY boys cut’, which can easily be achieved by propping your hand on your head, leaving hair sticking out between your fingers, and cut away the part that’s sticking out. this has been my strategy for the above haircut.

but before i had the sanity to go to the neighborhood barber to fix it, my mom, who has been cutting all her sons’ hair up until CAT in high school, to my surprise, was not irritated by my deed. she just said there was this side that was slightly thicker than the other. that was it. so she fixed it, and i asked her to chop off some length from the hair at the back of my head.

UPDATE: went to a neighborhood barbershop the morning after to fix the hair. i was squirming inside when the blade was again shaving hair on the sides of my head. sorry, the dingy provincial vibe and the barber’s morning breath was intimidating. result? too much taken off the sides, and the top-hair i’ve cut myself was barely touched. now, i think i’m going to end up applying as much baby oil and hair gel as before.