[via toycamera.com]

The toy camera photographer eschews the modern developments of camera technology, the reliance on computerised exposure systems, motorised film transport, PPI, TTL, CCD, DOF, the drive for higher and higher resolution, for gizmos, gadgets and carbon fibre tripods.

They believe focus is an over-rated commodity in most photographs and a focusing ring to be a needless gimmick on your average camera.

They may however enjoy painting their Holga a pretty color.

Toy camera photographers are rebels who want to prove that you can make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Toy cameras are for the artist within. It’s all about the photograph, and not about the price of your gear.

They may even make their camera themselves out of an oatmeal box.

They agree that depth of feeling is more important than depth of field.

Toy camera photographers probably would probably get kicked out of the f64 club.

Toy camera photographers would probably call themselves Neo Photo-Secessionists who believe in the intrinsic revelatory power of the snapshot, if they knew or cared what that means anyway.

They are also sick and tired of getting stiffed by ridiculous ‘collector’ prices for old Diana’s on e-bay.

Toy camera photographers believe:

“If it’s plastic, it’s fantastic”.
“I can never be bothered with dials and things anyway”.
“My camera is not a status symbol of my upwardly mobile social standing”.
“You may or may not use the viewfinder- it’s up to you”
“It’s all just a bit of fun”.