three films

cable tv was down yesterday after doing the grocery, and i wanted to munch on my chickenjoy at home with some visual accompaniment. so, i popped in michael winterbottom‘s 24 Hour Party People DVD, and just got happy with good music and great storytelling. i don’t own any concert videos, but this will do nicely.

this morning, star movies showed david cronenberg‘s Spider. i would highly recommend any film with ralph fiennes in it (with some very obvious exceptions), and the same goes for anything done by david cronenberg. fiennes is always excellent in his tormented-soul roles, and cronemberg is our current master of macabre-filmmaking, without the unintelligble stuff (yes, i am referring to david lynch‘s works, thank you). anyway, this was my second viewing of the film, and i am still bowled over by its greatness.

went out this afternoon to get internet cards, and to look at the local video shop, which rents out pirated dvds. i settled for a jeffrey jeturian comedy (vcd), a troma film (vhs), and richard linklater‘s School of Rock (dvd-to-vhs transfer); saw the last one, found it squicky-clean entertaining. the credits scene was actually the funiest part. nothing quite new or innovative here. maybe linklater wanted a non-nonsense movie after making his intelligent, but sleep-inducing opus.