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this site is part of inquirer columnist and presidential grandson manuel l. quezon III‘s blogroll. look at the last item on ‘Feeds and Frolic‘ on his site’s sidebar.

neat fact of the day 🙂

in other blog-related news, i just made the brave, but successful upgrade to movable type 3.0, using the FREE and unsupported license. of course, i will skip the $69.95 for a 5-author, 5-weblog personal license, even if i was promised a discount as a Beta tester who never got the chance to Beta-test the product.

so many interesting reads about movable type’s move to being a free-enough ‘personal publishing’ system, to a pay-for-a-license ‘publishing platform’:

Movable Type has never been Free Software… – must-read!
For those about to move to WordPress or Textpattern…
Movable Type 3.0 and Eating.
I’m done with Movable Type.
The Reports of Movable Type’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated

in sum, the backlash sixapart is getting is going way overboard. i will not say i will abandon MT in the near future, but if GPL-licensed alternatives will enable me to create aditional weblogs easily for a multi-page site, i may jump the boat.

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