day 1: making the blog engine switch

skip this post if you dont want to be exposed to my blog geekery.

great. you asked for it. here goes:

this will be the first in a formal series of posts re switching to another blogging engine. my webspace -i’m cheap, i just have 75 megs- is running out, and i do want to be the responsible type of hostee. my gallery isnt even up yet, and i’ve consumed half of my allotment.

my host currently has the following blog engines available for auto-install:

the search for an alternative blog tool was triggered by a post from the support forums where i host this site:

As your Hosting Provider, we would recommend against any Blog CMS that uses CGIs. It’s really pushing the server loads to two-folds and sometimes even higher.

Movable Type is cgi-based.


all the tools mentioned above run on PHP: good.

b2evolution appears to be the most comprehensive among the tools, but it seems to have the largest footprint, too.

wordpress, despite its lack for support for multiple blogs, looks like the best choice (UI, features) among the available options, however, a lot of people from their support forum have issues with logins. i had the same issue when i imported my MT archives. even had to edit from the database to change some values, but was unsuccesful with a new user login still. the developers will definitely have to focus on multi-blog creation feature; this is the only obvious reason why im still not sold with wordpress.

i also did a manual install for textpattern: good-enough, very slim, but the layout and customization needs some getting used to.


deleted my wordpress folder, will do a fresh install when time permits.

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