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Babae sa Breakwater article in Le Monde, and why direk Mario O’Hara wasnt at Cannes when his film was shown in the director’s fortnight [via NMR/noelverablog].

real pity no one saw it. very minimal media coverage, too, compared to the exposure raymond red‘s Anino got 4 years ago. havent seen the 2000 Palme D’Or for Best Short Film winner? watch it here.

surpise! a man with a camera on this blog!
screenshot of ronnie lazaro in Anino.

i saw Anino in its initial screening at the UP Film Center late college (2000, months before the Cannes filmfest). not quite sure if it was the first public screening, but it was the short film shown before jon red’s full-length feature, Still Lives. since the screening was free, and since i was early anyway, i just went in the cinema, and caught the people-in-charge previewing it. that day, compared to the other patrons seeing the film once, i saw it twice 🙂

i believe the camera used in the movie (and shown above) is a Fed-5; the same camera reportedly treated as cheap give-aways in russia; pro’s consider it as an ‘oversized lens cap‘, since the lens is deemed one of the sharpest in its class, but the camera body, in contrast, is just plain ugly. ah, geekness 🙂