i am going to put up a photo studio in Lucena, Quezon, employing fully-digital techniques, categorized into consumer-grade photography (passport ID-types, phone-cam image printing), and professional services (on-site family portraiture, wedding coverage). i will have 2-3 employees, including apprentices. i’ll be doing film-photography for personal purposes only. money wont really be pouring in, but my family will get by with the finances generated by the business. eventually, i’ll have a Manila branch, too.

that was the gist of my daydream that concluded in the Buendia station at the MRT, going to work.

my eldest brother and i did talk before in setting up a black-and-white-only darkroom. long shot, really.

truthfully, i dont see myself pursuing this. as a side-business, probably, if i’ve earned much with sure-profit businesses, like franchising a local burger joint, or setting up a gas station. that is, when i get out of this thoroughly unsatisfying job that i have now.

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