2 anime, 1 manila filmfest entry

miyazaki‘s my neighbor totoro is actually a lesser film than, say, spirited away. most miyazaki’s signature elements here is in minimal amounts: there isnt even much of an adventure undercurrent going on here. just sisters satsuki and mei worrying over dad not being able to go home on time, and mom being sick. actually, there isnt even any bad guy in this film. this is for the viewer who prefers less salt in his food. still, excellent storytelling and animation.

another studio ghibli production is the odd film the cat returns. odd, since its in chinese. slept during a good fraction of the film.

on the local front, the latest maryo j.-directed film, kulimlim, proves a couple of points:

1) direk maryo should stick to drama, or Bagets-type films
2) lots of sloppy camerawork + a few token commendable shots = sloppy camerawork
3) robin padilla‘s overacting can be funny, definitely not scary
4) tanya garcia‘s acting is only passable on tv, thank you.

the multiple-spirit possession is a passable concept, with a good script, which this film doesnt have. there wasnt even any details given why the ‘satanic-rapists‘ are even considered satanic. the first hour had its merits, but everything stops there.

oh, and dont get me going with the overly horrendous bald-head makeup.

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