my say on something

i rarely do comment on current events, or local happenings about politics, or anything of general interest. i’m fearful i may sound like the usual fool on FoxNews (pardon the constant bashing; besides BBC, they’re the only other international news channel we have on provincial cable).

but this is something i just feel like putting up on this space.

i bravely predict that the local government’s plea for the Iraqi hostage release will amount to nothing. come on, our country supports/ed the war. what can we negotiate with anyway? utang-na-loob that a significant local Filipino labor force helped Iraq’s economy? crap, i tell you.

all that needs to be done is pull out our troops (should’ve never been there in ther first place) = hostage keeps head. dead simple. we should stop being such suckers for the Great American Cause.

UPDATE: ok, they pulled out. local media is relying on foreign media to get updates. news blackout still ongoing. i doubt the sincerity of our government. i also doubt they’re realizing Bush’s popularity has had a drastic plummet; whoever is the US’s top dog, the Philippine government will submit.

Rene Saguisag was interviewed post-elections, and he said he hasnt voted since the Cory government. he blames it on money-politics. i dont commend the immediate post-Marcos state as our benchmark, but idealism was at least an overcoming factor that was prevalent then. Blame it on Ramos’s economic tactics, Estrada’s plundering ways, or Gloria’s semi-tyrannic antics, but the hope for overall betterment in the Filipino life is just too far-off to reach, because we have this maximum sense of tolerance that is shameful… I can go on and on, but I’ll stop here. Next time I feel like ranting, maybe.

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