definitely not shallow redneck propaganda

Michael Moore‘s Fahrenheit 9/11 is for the political and apoltical. american, pinoy or otherwise. watch it, enjoy it (overall, its actually pretty humorous). i’m not encouraging anyone to believe the claimed truths, just have an open mind while watching it.

i was expecting relentless Bush-bashing on this film, with minor sentimentalism: (what i’d expect to be) steotyped loudmouth redneck leftist opinions. boy, was i joyfully wrong. consider it propaganda, but it legitimizes my shallow take on the US government, and the mistake-that-was-war. it doesnt bombard you with facts like a 30-minute National Geographic special would; its, surprisingly, very lightweight in its treatment of the subject. essentially, its so easy to take everything as fact.


kung di mo pa napapanood itong pelikulang ito, nai-convert ko sya sa vcd (naghahanap din ako dvd; hiram ko lang itong kopyang pinanood ko), ipapadala ko sa iyo. kung may dadating naman dito at pwede dalhin na lang dyan pagbalik nila, ibibigay ko.


have to find Bowling for Columbine, and i dont think the director would mind if i look for it in the pirated DVD bins.

post-thought: it’ll be great if we have a Moore counterpart locally. he/she will have to fiercely wrestle with the media networks to get exposure mileage, and will be fortunate enough to live a month without being killed. i have seen locally-made docus, but none has actually taken out a dozen middle fingers to the government’s corruption and the political devil-machinery, with proof. its always mass-centric, poor-centric, victim-centric, with only mere sidenotes on the blame-it-on-the-corrupt-politico angle. hay.

the home-video prologue to Moore’s docu was the 2003 flick Identity, which followed an old B-movie formula, with some psycholigcal twists (read the film’s goofs and trivia). my girl loved the concept, but i never really had major interest with multiple-personality possibilities. heck, i only took a psychology class (social psychology) in college because i wanted to meet the semester’s unit-quota.