never ends

the cravings dont stop; and its seafood again, the grilled type. no, grilled canned tuna chunks dont sound appealing to me at all. the canned seafood meals (squid and mackerel pares, etc.) dont have the same, uhm, semi-yumminess compared to their meat counterparts, say, canned sisig. the only fairly decent home-meal i had was tinapang galunggong and the now-staple canned laing.

looks like i have to buy them vitamins again.


even if it meant not meeting one’s daily sleep-hour quota, and eating by my very sleepy lonesome, i lead myself to the next best, most reliable resource for cooked seafood meals, which would be your nearby mall foodcourt (not exactly nearby; the office in makati, the mall was in ortigas, but my destination was cubao, so it was a fair deal). i made an error in judgment though: i went for tuna belly at Sizzling Seafood, served with the obligatory sizzling plate, topped with sizzling sauce. remember from the previous paragraphs: i was aiming for grilled food.

quite frankly, i really dont prefer food served on a hot plate, with the intent that i eat on the same plate. anyway, the craving was satisfied. the sauce complimenting the fish well, though i’d wish there was an ensalada of some sort.

i bought vitamins, too; the mid-priced type. have to supplement my crappy diet.