the MMFF should just die

‘Direk’ Joey Reyes: Film fest should’ve included others
Cites Gallaga, Jeturian, and Chionglo

this ever-controversial, but definitively lousy, Metro Manila Film Festival of ours -where else are entries judged to qualify by screenplay?!- has done it again.

Peque Gallaga’s “Star Walker” from Imus Productions, Mel Chionglo’s “Guardia de Honor” from Violett Films, and Jeffrey Jeturian’s “Minsan Pa” from MLR Films were shut out… Of the eight final movies, three listed Joel Lamangan as their director… “Mel has been wanting to do ‘Guardia’ when Lino Brocka was still alive,” Reyes said. “This is his dream project.” “Guardia de Honor” is said to have been scripted by the late great Brocka.

Lamangan is sadly overrated. Jeturian, even after getting so much critical praise (deservingly so), is still considered second-rate (he’s belongs to the TOP 5 Best Philippine Cinema currently has to offer). Gallaga hasn’t made a film in years, would like to see what he can offer now. and the last bit on Brocka-related info seems very promising.