tough, tough hits

as i’ve mentioned earlier, i”ve had the urge to complete all 5 of the available Vicor re-issues of Tito, Vic & Joey’s Tough Hits (links available here)… and so i did yesterday. plus Seriosuly, Back to Normal.

intro’d by some Led Zep on my mp3 player, i’ve only had the chance to listen to the first cd. i did not find myself laughing until the gay jokes were told (sorry). i thoroughly enjoyed the music, though. recording, re-mastering from analog-to-digital (or was it just a basic transfer?) wasn’t that crude at all, considering i compressed the music into tiny 64 bitrated wma files.

some notes from joey de leon himself:

“Top Hits,” according to Joey, is a term he, Tito and Vic coined during the ’70s to describe the funny takes they do on particular lines of hit songs from that era… “Mahal ko ang pinagdaanan ng TVJ,” shares Joey. “Nakagawa kami ng 12 albums na puro ‘Tough Hits.’ Kaya parang binubuhay ko lang ang nakaraan. [source article]”

i do wonder if the re-issues of the 7 other albums will be seen in the market.

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