what else is there to watch anyway?

Minsan Pa is a two-and-a-half hour long Jeffrey JeturianBing Lao talkie movie predominantly spoken in Japanese, Cebuano, and Tagalog; definitely not the kind of concoction a local producer would go into, but its thankfully showing right now in your favorite theaters.

Jerry (Jomari Yllana) is a Cebuano workaholic tourist guide. Luna (Ara Mina) is heartbroken, and wants to find solace in some faraway place, shooting anything with her 80s(late 70s? probably.)-made Minolta SLR camera. they meet, and then a simple story ensues, sans grand climaxes from any sort of desire to take revenge for a family-killing, to frolic in the beach in slow-motion, or to teach the viewer that there are values to be taken home by watching this movie.

yes, this is one solid tale anyone can tell.

Jomari was fine as a tri-lingual lead, Ara was a third inept with her showcase of delight and despair (the current publicized dissolution of their real-life relationship would only serve as a mild undercurrent if you would like that to occupy your mind). their heads were always framed well though in the simple but elegant camerawork. also, i can’t seem to pick out an unnecessary scene from it all; maybe two over-lingering ones, but none that one could consider just a disposable frill.

Jeturian and Lao don’t actually take leaps out of the conventions of local filmmaking, rather, they improve on it. films like these would probably find a good home in the late 70s, early 80s era of director-driven gems, where you could watch slapfests in dramas and believe them.

all’s good, i’d say. i’d rather watch these two ham-up the screen than to hear Piolo Pascual sing-and-act (read this article) his heart out, which was the original plan for the movie.

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