christmas notes

christmas eve started at 6pm, after a full day’s [night’s for most of you, i suppose] slumber in bed. prompted my brother that we should be doing the groceries for noche buena. we ended up with lechon manok, and ready-to-cook lechon kawali, though we eventually just ate the chicken, and some days-old tilapia from the ref. add some instant crab-and-corn soup, and healthy servings of achara (papaya-type and dampalit, an Obando specialty). essentially, the most so-so christmas eve dinner ever, and we had the Powerpuff Girls Christmas special on the telly.

note: i effing wanted crispy pata, but neither the cooked or the ready-to-cook type was available, and i can’t have it this new year, because i’ll be in the office dec. 31. phooey.

still not finished sorting out my cds to tidy up the house. see, i have, i’m assuming, a couple of hundred cds, with less than 100 ones i’m not sure whats in ’em.

mommy, daddy, ate: maligayang pasko sa inyo!

[Listening to: Tori Amos – Precious Things (04:30)]

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