christmas, afterwards

christmas day started noontime, had lechon kawali lunch, and my brother and i were off to Obando, where we had an early-dinner of kare-kare. hurried off to Laguna to stay with other brother and family, including Enzo, my godson. Enzo practically threw my Polaroid I-Zone camera ninong-gift, acknowledging that it wasn’t a toy.

on our way back to Bulacan,near the Susanna Heights tollgate, the car was on the brink of overheating. went back to my other brother’s house, slept, and spent the morning in the talyer. took random walks so as not to bore myself, bought a copy of Wired in the nearest 7-11, lugged a Raspberry Sola iced tea bottle as well, and propped myself in front of a closed store-of-something. i liked this sort of unfamiliar close-to-urban provincial air, which i guess is a typical Sunday morning, plus the fact that it was a day after christmas. its easy to point the people doing errands in the morning, not bother to take a bath yet. who’d mind, anyway.

before noon, car was fixed, my brother and i could not readily decide where to have lunch. Binondo was a good idea, but i suggested Buddy’s in Makati instead. haven’t been there, and i can barely remember when i was at one of the store’s locations back in Lucena, i think. had pansit chami, and pizza. oddly, i seemed to like the pa-luto version of the pansit better in my mom’s hometown in Tayabas, where the starchy-sweet sauce had a lot more flavor.

got home, slept, woke up my brother at 6pm, since we had to go to my tita‘s, my mother’s sister, in Novaliches. i had a god-daughter there waiting, too.

midnight, we were Bulacan-bound, and my brother had to replenish his supply of firecrackers to sell. the Bocaue firecracker stalls were open 24/7, and i found the atmosphere rather favorable, except for a random vendor i found smoking. you had probably a million-pesos worth of firecrackers, and there was this nincompoop toking on a cigarette.

was home early morning. wondered why my brother didn’t seem to mind it was early morning already, when i found out December 27 was a declared special holiday. that fact made waking up, and making the effort to go work on a Monday thrice as hard.

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