My first material purchase for the new year was a DVD of Lars Von Trier‘s Dogville [synopsis, with director’s interview here] at the MRT Shaw Blvd. station, where I’ve been numerous times before, looking for anything worth shelling out money for.

Anyhow, since I have seen Breaking the Waves as well as Dancer in the Dark, expectations were a bit high from my end, also considering the wonderful Nicole Kidman might go through the same intensely emotional movie-moments Emily Watson and Bjork did. I shut off myself from most reading materials about the film, too.

Not surprisingly, the three hours i have just spent viewing in front of the PC (the 5.1 speaker’d, p30k home-theater-in-a-box could not read the disk properly) was spent pleasingly well. I relished the dialog, the theatric setting, the acting, all the intended mistakes. For accessible artsy films like these, I do always make it a point to browse through consumer reviews over at Amazon over the DVD release, because its always interesting to read all the 1-2 star rants. My rating? A conservative 3 1/2.

I would be waiting patiently for von Trier’s next film, Manderlay.

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