The week has been overly tiring, with work giving me too much information I can barely handle nor understand. I feel like I am taking my basic college engineering Math again, which I never passed. Oh, ditto for Chemistry.


Somewhere on Shaw Boulevard, there is a place where you can buy ‘hardcore’ cds for P40. I wouldn’t mind spending for the Death Live CD, but I’m afraid of what I might see. Haha.


The M42 mount Jupiter 37A has been sent back to Ukraine yesterday. Hopefully, I can get an M39 mount portrait lens in exchange for it. Also hoping the makeshift box filled with strips of carton and wrapped generously in packaging tape will protect the could’ve-been excellent tele lens.

If I can’t get what I want, its either another M42 lens, a rangefinder, or another Zenit. I’m happy with the fact that I don’t do eBay much these days, and I wish I could follow through by not bidding anymore.

Note to self: When sending packages, make sure you can still open the package so that the post office people can inspect what’s inside.


What do I do with the almost 3/4 kilo of beef in the freezer? Had plans to cook beef curry, Korean beef stew, and this ginger-y beef dish my mom cooked a lot before, but nothing came out of it. Probably this weekend.


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