The latest fascination

The last big music, band-specific phase I had was with the At the Drive-In/Sparta/The Mars Volta phase.I’m not exactly sure how my fallout with the music came from, but I barely noticed I was over it.

Now it’s The Killers (I made a ‘first-impression’ post of sorts here, with a still-live mp3 link) . Now, its oh-so easy to tell I’m a fan, that is, when I buy regular priced original CDs. With dance-spiked, nicely-spread layers of New Wave and Morissey in the much commercialized, retro-rock vein, bands like The Strokes aren’t even half as impressive as they are.The Hot Fuss album gets an easy four-and-a-half stars rank, if only I could hear less of the (official) last track.

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