Nothing’s up here.

Just finished encoding Hiroshima Mon Amour from DVD into XviD on two cd’s, and I’m wondering why I didn’t convert it to the conventional MPEG format (to burn into a VCD movie) instead, since it took the usual X (where X = 4-6 hours) number of hours to do it anyway. Phooey.

Yes kids, I believe getting a new hard drive is a better backup method, than burning data on 10-peso CDR’s. Should get an 80 gig-er soon, I know.


It will be less than two hours before we (eldest brother and me) lug our cameras (brother: 1 Canon SLR – me: 5 Russian cameras, 1 Canon digicam, and a semi big-ass tripod) to Pampanga for the Hot-air Balloon Fest. If the line-up of events suck for the day, I do hope the early morning shots I get are worth it.

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