DotPH-created i.ph is promising. A bit slow on a dial-up, but is otherwise very comprehensive. Good blog GUI, gallery function (it uses the superb Gallery script!), and all the other good stuff your typical blogger would want. Here’re more features taken from the registration email:

– webmail and pop3 mail at username@i.ph
– blogging
-photo, audio and video gallery (so you can upload your pics and home movies)
– disk space and bandwidth
– blog and gallery password controls, so you can decide who gets to see your blog(s) or photo album(s)
Calliope, a truly impressive tool for editing your blog’s templates. It comes with hundreds of images, patterns, and SIFR fonts to spice up your blog with.
– very tight integration with Instant Messaging Clients (such as Yahoo! or MSN)
– very tight integration with Voice over IP clients (Skype and Free World Dialup). All your friends have to do to contact you is remember your URL at http://username.i.ph. From there, they can tell if you’re online, IM you, call you (over VoIP), or send you text (via Chikka).

Neat. Very neat.

Pity I just saw this now. I have to say, its the best integrated Filipino-based blog service offering so far. Will add more info while do further evaluation. It’s not free, but prices seem reasonable. The 2-month trial account I just made can be found here. The templates you can choose from are pretty good eye candy. Let’s see what happens kids, and I do hope their servers are ready for comment spam.

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