The Dirkon from hell

What you see above is my attempt at making a Dirkon, a paper pinhole camera. Let’s see if it all pans out, since obviously its still a work in progress.

UPDATE: The only thing I haven’t done yet is make the actual pinhole.

Even if it looks like it was done in 15 minutes, it wasn’t.

Yes, the turn-lever does work.

Czech kitsch!


4 thoughts on “The Dirkon from hell

  1. […] Second, I decided to spruce up the display with a printed on bond-paper pattern of the Dirkon camera. Apparently, I’m not the only dork around here, since the creators even made a wiki for it […]

  2. […] Reminder to self: BUY FILM. Scour for the Solid Gold brand if you have to. You must produce images out of that months old Dirkon camera you made, ok? […]

  3. Aya says:

    do you have pictures na?

    i’m caving in on this one.

    there’s a photo contest coming up in our society. pretty sure that 99% of submissions will be digital.

    my field uses pinhole collimators a lot. so i figure, the best way to stand out is to use a pinhole camera.

    whatcha think?

  4. rain says:

    If you plan to use this for a photo contest, meh, I don’t think most local photo contests is up for the pinhole aesthetic.

    No pictures 🙂 Tamad pa e ;p Gawin na lang kasi 🙂

    OR: Use your Holga! Mas maganda di hamak ang pinhole sa 120 film. Use the lens cap, tapos butasan mo na lang, o kaya para mas pino yung butas, tape hard foil sa gitna sa loob, tapos yun butasan mo 🙂

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