The Zenit digicams

My ‘readers’ are probably sick of this.

The makers of Zenit, arguably the best, most cost-effective choice for amateur film SLR cameras, is now going digital (I’ve already posted here the supposed end of the Zenit line).

Zenit 408 DSLR

Zenit 605

[image source page; in Russian]

What you see above are obviously concept models. This privileged info is courtesy of the Zenit Camera Group.

The beauty of the analog Zenits is being ultimately mechanical, that even non-working metered ones can work perfectly in manual mode, when properly calibrated. Essentially, this is the reason why Zenit fanatics use their 50-or-so year old units because they simply work, despite any age. It will be interesting to see the actual digital output the Russians will manufacture, wholeheartedly considering electornics isn’t really their major strength.

Also, camera price will be an issue. Being able to catch a classic Zenit for $10-20 on eBay makes anyone interested in grabbing more than one of these FSU (Former Soviet Union) relics. However, if these digicams are priced slightly lower than the Canon’s and the Nikon’s, I’m afraid they will just remain a novelty, and for serious collectors only.

Finally, I am hoping they give it an M42 screwmount.

PS: According to the guys at ZCG, the digital path Zenit is planning may not at all be realized, mainly considering that it will be a very expensive undertaking. Bummer.


Oh, and for the Lomo suckered-in guys out there, there is also news that the camera factories that make your insanely overpriced cameras are up for sale.

One thought on “The Zenit digicams”

  1. It would indeed be intersting to see a digital Zenit.

    I agree with you about what their fate is likely to be. Znit propably hasn’t enough knowledge to produce its own camera sensor. Buing it from another company would dramatically increase the price. Pentax is cheaper than canon or nikon. Does Zenit really have a chance?

    PS. Your right about lomo-cameras. They’re outrageously priced 😀

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