A couple of days in Strangetown

No, I didn’t go off anywhere. I’ve spent most of the past days in front of the computer, droopy eyes and all, taking care of my Sims 2 family, The Ramones (yes, I was listening to them, since I needed late night/early morning quirky music to keep me company).

Starting out. Moving in as roomies.

They started out as roomies in a small house, Kafka and Hélène Ramone (they just accidentally had the same last name, and the same hairstyle; Kafka had the larger mohawk, though). Both started out with less impressive careers, but things got a little better when Kafka got into politics, and Helene went for security services. When times were hard, they had to give up the computer, and a modest sound system for the house. They even had to exchange their bed for a less comfortable one, but that’s when they had Aurora, the niftiest thing they had together (next are the wohoo’s, of course).

It’s important to know that Kafka had an almost-affair about this time. Since he can, he did, in the house even! It was another man (!; you can do have same-sex things going on with the game, so I tried it out with Kafka), but things do change, and he has since left his curious ways, and has refused calls from his ex co-worker nowadays.

Since they both worked, a nanny was hired. As first time parents, they were practically struggling on how to take care of the baby. The Creator (that’s me!) didn’t quite prepare them, and he panicked. He searched (Googled!) for answers, and blessed them with the ability to finally buy a crib. They didn’t have to leave Aurora on the floor anymore, dammit.

Oddly, the Ramones all had the same birthday, but the party they threw out for a couple of friends was a disaster. They never really had anything more than $2,000, and I guess spending it on a party doesn’t really pan out. Aurora was a toddler now, and Kafka taught her to speak, Hélène got her to walk, while it was an effort for them both to potty-train her. This was part of the very difficult early stages of parenthood, the Kafka parents thought. They barely spoke to each other, and moods, as well as sleeping hours, were swinging wildly.

Things got a little better when Aurora started going to school. Kafka and Hélène gave here some chores, and Aurora diligitently worked on her homework. They always found it odd though that a stool will suddenly appear when Aurora couldn’t reach stuff in high places. Oh, probably they were just too preoccupied witht their little babycake, but around this time, Kafka proposed to Helene.

When Aurora became a rather fetching teenager, she experimented on her identity. She always wore this raspberry beret, and first smacked her lips on another girl. Kafka and Hélène were elders by now, still not so well-off, though they still gave in to technology quirks and bought a computer and a game console, which they collectively enjoy. They got married, too.

Looks like things are coming up roses in that quaint little house of the Ramones. Here’s hoping things will go right like in those Reader’s Digest stories.

The Ramones now, my Sims2 family.

UPDATE: As of 8:00 AM this morning, Aurora has moved out of the Ramones house. No sentimental goodbyes to the folks. She got a bigger house, with a 1.5-sized bathroom, and 3 rooms. She called Kafka and Hélène after her first lunch in the new house, but couldn’t reach them. Today’s her first day at an armed forces job, too.

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