All these things

Been busy figuring out how work (or non-work, eventually) should proceed from hereon. It’s not a pretty sight, but I made it look like that.


Picked up the Fed 2 and seven M52=thread Russian filters ( Yellow-2x; Yellow-1,4x; Yellow-Green-2x; Yellow-Green-1,4x red-8x; blue-1,4x; UV) for my excellent Helios 44M lens. Looks like I may have outgrown the excitement of acquiring these FSU cameras I usually get from the Ukraine, since I’m not at all eager to try it out now. I would probably play with the filters, but wouldn’t it be just splendid when I finally can get the lens attached via an adapter to my very own DSLR, when and if I ever get one?

[Listening to: Waiting For The Sirens’ Call – New Order – (5:42)]

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