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I will not go so far as proclaiming that last night’s Darna premiere was a revolutionary event in the local teleserye scene, with the CGI overload, the kitschy miniatures, and all the underwhelming ‘special’ effects. Everything looks staple ‘telefantasya’, only highly made-up. However, staple is good for this format and intent, since this has got to be masa, but not as masa (and cheap, and tasteless) as the shows by the other network I used to work for.

Good job for leaving the interested with just our imaginations for now, since Darna, with her glorious presence, hasn’t showed up yet. Tonight, hopefully.

UPDATE: Still no Angel Locsin on the second episode. Crap.


Oh, this reminds me of my site stats:

I’m unabashedly ma-showbiz 🙂

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