Photo mags are not rags

I don’t think I ever posted about my National Geographic Special Issue finds. I found a copy each of ‘100 Best Pictures Unpublished‘, and the excellent ‘100 Best Vintage Photographs‘, which are still both selling at 330 pesos at your nearby Booksale shops. Oddly, I got both in pretty much the same condition as the higher-priced ones, at 80 pesos each. I very much prefer the vintage photos issue more, as its a discomforting mix of the macabre, the beautiful, and the amusing. Several shots had the Philippines as their location, and unsettling as it may be, it made the locals then look like primitives, with images of them manning coconut-made rafts, and young girls smoking tobacco.

Today, I just added another find: a 116-page PHOTO magazine tribute to Henri Cartier-Bresson, for 50 pesos, which compliments probably the best picture book I bought so far, since they both focus on great photographers.

[image source]

It’s in French, but I had my hopes up that it will have more photographs than articles. I was happily right 🙂

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