The lowdown on WP Themes/WP Plugins

Alex King’s competition came out with the WP Themes winners last month, and I just discovered that my theme, Rin, won as Plain Ol’ Poobah. The Grand Poobah winner, Connections looks so tempting to use, that I really could consider it as an alternate theme. It’s really purty.


The WP Plugins being released recently are very promising, but I was tormented by random SQL errors when posting, moderating comments, etc. after I installed some. This only happened after installing the plugins, so it took me a couple of days to figure out what was causing the issue, and I was in denial that it had to be the plugin I really wanted to keep: a Miniblog feature, which was nicely situated on my sidebar for the last 2 days or so.


2 thoughts on “The lowdown on WP Themes/WP Plugins”

  1. I don’t know, really. I mean, even when I didn’t have comments, I was still getting comment spam. But, ok, I would want the comments to be on just for the reason that I’ve had it off for so long, and I’m probably done with just being a webspace occupant, and refusing any easy interaction.

    Oh, thanks for noticing, man 🙂 I now have three real commenters 🙂

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