I am interested in taking the civil service exam, which is part of the dubious grand plan to explore other career opportunities. Interestingly, I needed several government services the past few days, which started last Monday. I needed an authenticated copy of my birth certificate, and while I’m in the are of East Ave., I might as well apply for the new SSS ID. The Census office was sufficient, and I was surprised that my mid-morning application would result to my getting what I wanted early afternoon. The SSS was a different story, since I had hesitations about the pretty long lines, not knowing if I was actually at the right one. Eventually, I decided to treat myself with some mall-time, and a tuna belly lunch. Headed of to my former office, to work on my clearance, and picked up the birth certificate at 2:30. Suddenly decided to cap the day off with giving SSS another try, just to find out that their system was offline. Fine, I’ll go to your Bulacan-based offices instead, fellas.

Skip a day. I was too tired on Tuesday from the hot and physically draining Monday, and cleaned the refrigerator of anything dish-worthy, which ended up as macaroni with tomato sauce, smothered with canned corned beef and christmas fiesta ham.

Wednesday, I found myself calling the SSS office in Malolos, and being utterly at wonder why was my question, “Pwede ho bang kumuha ng bagong SSS ID dyan?“, so effing difficult to answer, that the person on the other line had to give the phone to someone else. Went there, and unsurprisingly, their system was offline, too. All this just to acquire my first non-company ID-with-picture.

La dee dee, la dee da.

UPDATE [4:59PM]: Called after lunchtime, got the trainee again on the phone, and she still said the ID-capture setup was ok, but the computers were still offline. When will it be up? Has it been like this the whole week? She did her trainee-excuse with me probably thrice, but I didn’t budge. She asked the other people in the office since I was rather insistent, and I still didn’t get any helpful info. Boo.

[Listening to: Organ Donor – DJ Shadow – In Tune and On Time Live (4:20)]

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