The Weekend Project/More picture-related stuff

A cousin had a wedding yesterday, and my brother had the nifty idea that I shoot pictures for it, and give the newlyweds a copy on cd. Cool, ok, I will only do it with a digicam, and I haven’t made a slideshow-with-music on a vcd, so that will be a good project.

Shoot-wise, I sucked with the pictures. The only really passable ones were the photographs I took of kids. I’d like to blame the digicam for the indoor church shots, but I really think I just have to fiddle some more with the settings. As for the video-authoring, I had the dilemma on what software to use, and initially found myself choosing Microsoft PhotoStory 3, notoriously known as the first software MS produced to use Windows Genuine Advantage validation. It sucked, too. Flicker was present 40-60% of the time, and you had to have a cd burning application that supports wmv conversion to vcd. Moreover, the VCD-format settings had to be changed to DVD-format, for the pictures to have passable quality on a TV screen.

Someone from the PEX Tech Today forums suggested iPhoto, so I went scouring the net for a Windows-equivalent. Most searches pointed to Picasa2, but it doesn’t support music playback with the slideshow.

I found ProShow Gold after more research, but was a little put off since it wasn’t free. However, the downloadable versions had full-functionality, but has an expiration date. That was hopeful, so I went for the download. Based on the interface, customizations, and ease-of-use, I’m sold. Had my presentation in more-or-less 30 minutes. No degraded picture quality, slide transitions were bountiful (but it is wrong to use all the available transitions; I just used 2), and it didn’t need an external burner. Output? Lovely, pro-quality even.


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FYI: I still have Asides/Miniblog issues, I know. I do have (my, but hesitate to install a blog plugin to display it, since the site goes down frequently. I can’t get the only plugin candidate I want, del-icio-us cached, to work, and I’m apparently not the only one.

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