Two gigs

The Earth Day Jazzfest 2005 last night boasted of 20 local jazz performers, and Majam was out of sight. That lowers whatever cred the event has by a mile, but that’s just me 😀

Expectations weren’t high, but as usual, I really just wanted to take pictures. My puny digital point-and-shoot is sadly ashamed showing its lens among the various DSLRs being lugged around, though some suckers appeared to have lesser fixed-lens types. The admittingly event-unfit Radioactive Sago Project was the only subject I took passable pictures of.

The concert was fine, with just minute specks of showbandness. Was annoyed by some negligible things (loud and irritating female host, the 250 peso ticket price, the impression that probably half of those watching might have bought the newest Kenny G CD, etc.). Didn’t stay long.


Afterwards, saw Sheila and The Insects at Mayric’s, sporting a sound so reminiscent of The Killers. However, if you were an incompetent band trying the dance-rock trend, it will show if you were horrendous, and this Cebu-based, new-wave influenced band showed nothing but excellence.

Photo above was Photoshop-stylized from a very bad shot.

Didn’t catch the other bands for the night, and didn’t care much, really.

[Listening to: Red Red Wine – UB40 – (5:20)]

6 thoughts on “Two gigs”

  1. I had my fair share of gigs back in UP, lalo na pag fair. Since I’m jobless, now’s really the only time I can make time for it 🙂

  2. i missed the UP fair.. paano.. nagstart ako sa work panahon ng UP fair.. haha.. tapos di pa ako pwede magpuyat dahil maaga ang pasok ko lolz

  3. Hija (hope you don’t me calling you that), delikado na UP Fair. First time I was there after graduation, some guy thumped his knife-stabbed body directly in front of me, and the second time involved some guy in the audience was being blood-drained (ginripuhan, kumbaga), which was noted by the band vocalist who was performing that very minute. Heard from an ex-officemate/Red Cross volunteer that there about a dozen more random stabbings that night.

    See, you’re not missing something worth risking your live over, ‘no.

    Don’t get me started with pagpupuyat. I worked nights consistently for almost 4 years.

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