Here’s the plan

Since I’m back in nocturnal mode, sleeping around 6 or 7 in the morning, I might as well flex the muscles and jog power-walk at about 5AM, and get back home at just around sunrise. My heft is in a disturbing state already, and I do believe I have enough fitness knowledge anyhow to implement this. I still do remember stretching excercises from my weight training classes back in college.

Here’s crossing stubby fingers.


I still do find it odd that I prefer to keep awake during the cooler part of the day, and soak in sweat sleeping during the daytime. However, an evening/early morning average temperature of 31+ degrees centigrade shouldn’t really count as cool, even in our tropical-weather standards.


Spent an hour abusing my Nike’s (poor, expensive shoes :(). Feels good, but for a few notable things: 1) The trucks’ noxious exhaust fumes on the highway; and 2) the unpleasant feeling of inhaling the smoke from burnt rice husks (done by my neighbor-farmers) on my way to the highway. Knowing this, I should definitely look for another route next time, or purchase a mask to shield myself from rural pollutants.


Query for the day: Why not take up Badminton?

Besides being a girl’s sport (haha :lol:), and the fact that I still can’t brush off its recent fad value, I’ve never been sports-competitive. I’ve always enjoyed walking, or running, or biking, and the solitary (optional) and meditative vibe these sports provide.

[Listening to: Love Still Flows – Lotus Eaters – (3:58)]

2 thoughts on “Here’s the plan”

  1. I suggest that you really try badminton. It’s not at all girl’s sport and never for ninnies. It’s highly competitive, can burn up to 300 calories per hour and will make you sweat like crazy (not just because of the hellish temperature inside badminton courts).

  2. Uhm, I was just making fun of the sport, really. See, I’ve never really seen myself go into stuff that everyone else enjoys, such as, say, basketball. Or karaoke. Or clapping along to songs. Not that I’m anti-any-of-those, its just that it takes a certain special mood for me to get into it 🙂

    Anyway, the plan is dumped, since the weather is so effing brutal to do anything nowadays.

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