Multi-category, bulleted updates

Camera: Kiev 35a
Film: Kodak TCN 400
Location: Guiguinto, Bulacan

  • Had my black-and-white Kiev 35a photos developed and printed. The camera does excellent metering for about half of the roll, but the other half were way too blurry, or too dark. I’m semi-sick of mirror shots, but the photo above went well with both exposure and focus, since we’re talking of a guesstimate-dependent, rangefinder-less camera here.
  • My second roll from my Dirkon-from-hell paper camera is still overexposed. Bah.
  • Attempted Pinoycook‘s Fiery Adobo, and I’d rate the output a 7, since I committed the rather grave mishap of using Kikkoman soy sauce (it’s just too rich for normal cooking) instead of regular soy sauce. I should’ve remembered this, since it already happened with my first attempt cooking Beef Pares.
  • First proclaimed on this post, I would have to disconnect, re-connect the cd-writer drive (just to check if I have cable issues), and see if I can burn good CD’s using the several live Linux distro’s I have.
  • Oh, why does Knoppix hate my sound card, while SLAX is quite capable of making it work?
  • Recently caught Lino Brocka’s Bayan Ko: Kapit sa Patalim, and Mike de Leon’s Kisapmata on Cinemaone. I still consider the latter as probably the best pinoy film ever made.
  • Weekend Itenerary (Saturday): Blogging summit (whole day); take shots of the sunflowers in UP; go to Narda gig.
[Listening to: dub in ya mind – afterlife – (5:44)]

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