Accident shot

See, if you’re like me, no job, not much money to waste, strapped to a dial-up internet connection, not that much of a pc gamer, not a bigtime book reader, WWE is irritatingly weeks-late on the Solar USA channel, and then you’ve isolated yourself in the corners of a house, where the temperature averages out to 35 degrees centigrade in the afternoons, you’d try find numerous cheap thrills/time-wasters to do, and since the tripod is usually unfolded, and the digicam always loaded with fresh batteries, why not take pictures inside the house?

Camera: Canon A85
Location: Gugiuinto, Bulacan

Essentially, an accident shot, with the camera on Program mode. The middle to the bottom-most row of the right side of the display cabinet still need some work. See the cameras on the second row (the plastic, toy cameras weren’t included) ? 🙂


Then again, there’s a very sensible point to seeking employment to pay off the credit card which permitted me to purchase the digital camera in the first place.

[Listening to: 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong – Mogwai – (9:31)]

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