borzoj.net/photography quoted me regarding my Zenit DSLR post. I’ll quote him, too:

laughing at lomo, that it is overpriced and calling zenit arguably the best, most cost-effective choice for amateur film SLR cameras in one place raises my doubts about raincontreras being reasonable at all. but still – the news is also on the factory page [source; text formatting mine]

I was making fun of Lomography, as I always do, and not Lomo, and the Russian factories that make them. As for my Zenit claim, I’ll give him leeway on that, since it was really a sweeping generalization (which I adhere to, anyway). Read the existing comment thread, and you’ll see that Zenit fans are quite rabid when it comes to defending their toys 🙂


Posted a comment on his entry, but his system was giving errors accepting it. I’ll also give him some slack, since he uses the very geeky blosxom as his blog CMS (though nowadays, I find very little reason not to use simple, lightweight, but full-blown scripts like WordPress, or even TextPattern). As of last check (7:29PM today), the guys at the Zenitcamera Yahoogroup are with me on my plight 🙂


BROWSER ISSUE ALERT: Internet Explorers users might’ve had viewing issues with this blog for the past few days (main content was placed below sidebar), which I didn’t notice until now. Apparently, I’m not a big IE fan, but I do believe in accessibility. Hopefully, the issue is fixed now.

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  1. Oo naman! We were never really introduced, pero nakita din kasi kita eventually sa web, tapos, I remembered you were just hovering around when I did my half-hearted (more like ass-hearted :)) bid for CommRes rep. Si Armin kasi may kasalanan e! Hehehehe.

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