5 thoughts on “iblog on TV”

  1. The dimensions are rather small, the quality is crude (Its a prosumer digicam video shot 30 minutes after waking up! Not, say, a video capture from a PC with a TV tuner), and in its part 9/10 entirety, its a 30 meg avi file. If you want to sample it, you can check on the video link on the post. If that’s ok with you, I’ll see what I can do 🙂 Though, I have yet to service my very own now-funky cd-writer to duplicate a copy 😐

    Though, as Abe mentioned, lets hope it could get primetime exposure later as it should be shown at 24 Oras, too 🙂

    UPDATE: There is also the option of splitting the big-ass file into smaller ones for download, which was what I did for the 2-second clip available on the post.

  2. I do know that the sendyouit service has limitations, but the expiry period is pretty reasonable to me. My gloating period over the really crappy two-seconder is over now, but ok, I’ll see what I can do with thou request.

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