WordPress 1.5.1/Browser choices

The next few minutes will be spent on upgrading to WordPress 1.5.1, just released 3 hours ago (its an official release, not a nightly build). So if the blog looks funky this hour, you know why.

STATUS: Done. If you want to check up on the upgrade changes, click here. I didn’t time myself, since benchmarking while I’m on a dial-up connection doesn’t make much sense.


My sentiments on Firefox have not been so favorable lately, so I’ll take out it’s prominent position on my sidebar, and promote browsehappy instead. We deserve choices, too.

Considering the major browsers, Opera is still tops when it comes to minimal memory usage, while Firefox is still a damn hog. In light of this, I’ll be experimenting on working on Opera exclusively for the rest of the week. Have to get used to it’s so-so RSS setup though.

UPDATE: Since I’m feedreading a lot lately, Opera won’t do; the integrated RSS reader, simple and elegant as it is, is just not to my liking. A separate RSS reader (aside from the browser) won’t be satisfatory, since copying-and-pasting is awfully laborous compared to just 2 mouse-clicks to enter a browser-based feed. Therefore, I’m going back to Firefox, left it with only Sage as the only extension installed. This will have to do, I guess, however memory-hogging Firefox is.

[Listening to: Surf’s Up Instrumental – Beach Boys – Smile (1:38)]

6 thoughts on “WordPress 1.5.1/Browser choices”

  1. Perhaps you’re using a lot of firefox extensions? Some of them do make the browser a clunky lot.

    Happy wordpress upgrading to the rest of us. 🙂

  2. emerson: Hmmkay. Was just wondering if there were any more available shirts. Pasadya na lang siguro ako ng Blogger shirt when I get some money.

  3. markku: I don’t use a lot of Firefox extensions, and I do remember having a barebones install, with not much improved performance.

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