The camera stunt

What you see above is actually more of a really quick stunt (for obvious reasons), than a just-thought-of shoot. Hanging from my neck are eight of my extremely heavy vintage Russian cameras (approx overall weight: 6kg).

I was directly inspired by a Yul Brynner and Cecil B. DeMille photograph, where Mr. Brynner was lugging five cameras at the same time (see samples of his work superb here).

[Listening to: You Do Something to Me – Joao Gilberto – (2:42)]

8 thoughts on “The camera stunt

  1. jeff says:

    interesting blog you have here. nice photos. 🙂

  2. rain says:

    Thanks for visiting! 🙂 Appreciate the comments 😎

  3. K says:

    extremely AMAZING! i don’t know why i keep coming back here. it’s the PHOTO!

  4. rain says:

    K: Thanks man (for visiting and for the comment)!. Wait when and if I get a Digital SLR camera, I promise I’ll get better! Hehehehe.

  5. karla says:

    ang kulit nyan rain.. hehehehe.. sobrang bigat siguro nyan.. hehe

  6. rain says:

    To be accurate, I put all the cameras with cases in a big plastic bag, and weighed it. Di lang 6kg, 6.5kg ang hebigats.

  7. emer says:

    that is way too much weight for anyone’s neck to support for too long. penge ng isa 😛

  8. rain says:

    emerson, them toys are not like askal puppies you give away! 😈

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