Random insights from the unoccupied mind

  • I’ve always resisted thoughts of migrating to another country, but GMA is doing such a brutally horrible job, that I’m reconsidering. I’d love to shove the faces of those who voted for her -with the pathetic excuse of “Continuity!” as their voter-choice justification- at the MMDA pink fences, and pile drive each one to their sorry face-deaths at any available non-steamrolled, purely asphalt portion of EDSA. That includes you idiot-with-bad-hair (mark the faggy gay-guy on the far left :lol:).
  • I’ll be purchasing a new no-frost, two-door refrigerator later today, since our current one can barely keep water cold. Purchasing power courtesy of my brother, so I didn’t resist when he wanted to borrow a couple of my precious cameras to wherever he’s spending his weekend. I’ll eventually be the one who’ll largely benefit from this, since I do the groceries, cook, and stay at home all day.
  • Plans to attend a gig later today at the rock-place-to-be-seen has been abandoned; what can I say, I’m your typical no-scene snob 😎 Anyway, I don’t possess the mindset, nor the mood, these days to do anything of the sort. Instead, I might prop myself at the sofa, and view my unwatched Beat Takeshi DVD’s.
  • Read today’s Inq7’s MOCKU-LETTER OF THE WEEK. Jeturian’s latest is a must-see.
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4 thoughts on “Random insights from the unoccupied mind”

  1. Sonny and Monchie and I just had to do a Monchiepalooza. Have you seen the film Old School? With Will Ferell, Luke Wilson (di sya artfilm, HBO ko lang yata napanood). Parang ganun kasi ang kelangan i-achieve. Sonny and I had the obligation to (insert-any-verb-here) the pain away for Monchie,the brokenhearted boy. Hehehe.

    Well, at least that was actually the start of my enjoying the outing we invited ourselves in 🙂 Madaling araw pa ng linggo nag-umpisa ang kasiyahan for me, while everyone was either asleep or dead-drunk.

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