Today’s Top 5

Top 5 reasons why I’m not seriously considering photography as a career

  1. I don’t have the right equipment (DSLR camera, lights, etc.).
  2. I don’t have the proper training, never attended a photography workshop, never been a photographer’s apprentice.
  3. I can crop, auto-adjust, and apply filters and plugin effects on images on Photoshop, and that’s it.
  4. I haven’t attended enough social events, even weddings, to know what’s good or not, and where and when in the event I should be.
  5. I hate most commercial photography.

But taking photos is all I think about now 🙄 My movie-critic wannabe-ness is definitely sidetracked by this, its so hard to find a mood to watch a full-length flick.

My web-inclined mind, I guess, is still sensible and potentially profitable, but I don’t believe I have much of that up-to-date, capitalist know-how employers would love to get their hands on.

Social research? Please, even if it was what I’ve spent 4 1/2 years in college to learn, I probably was a lot happier taking my film appreciation classes where the professor mistook me for a serious film student. Or when my Poetry 101 class actually considered me pretty good.

[Listening to: Dream Brother – Jeff Buckley – Live A L’Olympia (8:02)]

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