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Now that I think I can finance myself to get into a reasonably-priced photography workshop, I’ll be on the prowl now, sending emails and browsing the net for prospects. Here’s my current list:


Reccommended by someone from the Lomomanila Yahoo! Group, since the lecturer permitted her to use her ‘Lomo’ camera. Maybe I could use my Fed’s and Zenit’s, too. I’m not sure of the rates, though, but if its about the same as the ones I’ve looked into (averaging out to PhP2.5k), I’ll consider it.

FPPF – Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation

This is the famed one in Intramuros which my brother took. He actually doesn’t reccommend the basic workshop for me anymore, being aware that I probably know the basics well-enough. Good advise, but the only part of the syllabus they have online that I’d skip if I can would be for the first day. I’m curious also what’s in store for their Advanced Photography classes.

Do you have anything to add? Or advise to give? Please comment 🙂 Do note that I plan to use film, and very basic SLR’s and/or rangefinders (speeds are only up to 500).

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2 thoughts on “LF: Photography Workshops”

  1. wow.. loving your blog!!! great stuff here! :-p and because of pinoyblog.. congrats! hehehe..

    anyhoo, why not take an apprenticeship? that would help a lot! From what I know you won’t have to pay anything.. just help out the professional photographer.. 🙂 I’m planning on getting an apprenticeship my only concern is that the photographer’s place is far.. nyark! hehehe! :-p have a good one!

  2. Thanks 🙂 Fancy blog you got there, too :mrgreen:

    I have considered an apprenticeship, but I guess I just want validation first (via a workshop). Parang nung college, when I wanted validation for my writing, so I took a Creative Writing class on poetry. My prof said I was best in class, but the writing tasks just consumed me so much, I haven’t been writing ‘creatively‘ since :mrgreen:

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