Blockquoting the News (Tech)

WordPress Security Update: …there is a security vulnerability in WordPress that may be triggered if you’re running the default template. We were able to respond very quickly (under 40 minutes) and update the download to You can upgrade by overwriting your old 1.5 files or if you would like to apply the fix manually it is relatively simple [source]

Made the change manually, it will save you time.

From digg:

Avid Free DV was created to give everyone the ability to familiarize themselves with Avids award-winning user interface. Although Avid Free DV is a streamlined version of Avid’s professional video editing software and has many limited capabilities, you can still learn to create some amazing videos! [source]

Never did real video-editing, unless AVI-splitting qualifies. I just do conversion. I’ll probably skip on this one for now, since the minimum system requirements specifies you should have at least 1 gig of RAM, which makes sense for the task-at-hand.

From /.:

NewsForge (a Slashdot sister site) is carrying a 2-year OpenOffice case-study on a Detroit high school who switched from Windows NT and MS Office 97 to Linux and OpenOffice. The results? Better than expected. In 2003, the school, who saved over $100,000 in the process, converted 110 Windows NT machines to Linux with OpenOffice [source]

I have OpenOffice 1.1.3 installed, but someone gave me a legal, non-serial-key’d M$ Office 2003, too. With most text-editing (including HTML tagging) though, I’m happy with TextPad.

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