Blockquoting the News (Film)

From Cinematical:

They write on their arms, the look broody and wear Le Tigre shirts. Who could they be? Why, the Mighty Moshin’ Emo Rangers! reports that two aspiring British filmmakers have, on a 100 dollar budget, created the Emo Rangers, complete with powers of Weepy Tears and Introspection [source]

Ha! Poor clueless emo kids. I remember the days when Fugazi was called emo, and I guess if we consider the MTV-fied terms, it’s an insulting reference now. Had T1-connected fun before with Emogame (site down as of writing), too.

There’s a rumor bouncing around the web that Adam Sandler is contemplating a remake of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes [source]

The animated series was killer-ktisch. I wish they’d do re-runs.

[Listening to: Heaven Is Rising – Orange Cake Mix – Another Orange World (3:15)]

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