A WP Blog Status Check

Several revisions have been implemented on this blog, since traffic has improved the past few weeks :mrgreen: I should not be sloppy. So, allow me a breakdown:

  • New write-up for the Galleries page,
  • Rin Theme modifications (to use Google search instead of built-in WordPress search)
  • Last 15 20 Recent Posts and Calendar on sidebar.
  • Google ads on pages, and individual posts.

Took out (or temporarily deactivated) WordPress plugins, installed new ones. Here’s my current list:


  • Sidebar to appear on individual posts, and category pages.
  • Category pages to show full entries, instead of excerpts.
  • Clean up unused databases in web server account.

A WP user? What plugins do you recommend?


I’m loving the re-discovery of the miniscule xmplay audio player. Never noticed how rich the sound (with default settings) that’s coming out of it was. Beats Winamp by a mile or two.

[Listening to: Cursed Mirror – Superchunk – (3:04)]

4 thoughts on “A WP Blog Status Check”

  1. KnoOizKi: Hey! Your welcome 🙂 Shortstat is great indeed, wouldnt need to login to cpanel or use third party tracking sites to check on site stats. Great job on the new WP blog!

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