Speed Up Your Windows Box With a Different Shell

Yuga started a post reeking of Mac envy. Had that before, but then it meandered into Linux envy. After several dual-boot boxes, I’m somewhat satisfied with Live Linux distros for now, since I was never able to get connected via dial-up with any non-Windows setup.

So instead, I went after the UI.

I’ve played with Blackbox for Windows before, but I kept going back to the Explorer shell. I just recently checked for newer versions of the Linux-original windows manager, when I found out the much-preferred shell now was BBLean. It is sweet, I tell you. You have the option to install it, so you wont see Explorer unless you access it, or just run it separately after booting oh-so-slowly with Window defaults. Most Blackbox-based shells shave off enorumous boot-time seconds, so you wouldn’t have to msconfig all the time to take out programs that start on boot-up.

screenshot of my BBLean desktop
My current BBLean desktop. Click on image to view larger version.

In simpler terms: if you’re tired of your Windows machine starting oh-so-slowly, that you usually pee in the bathroom, or make your coffee first, so you can start writing in Word, or connecting to the Internet, BBLean gives you the chance to have an uncluttered interface, faster performance, and access-to-everything via a mouse right-click, without hogging off your essential system resources.

You may have also tried giving your system a different look, by setting up a new theme, or installing a program like WindowsBlinds, with unfavorable results. If you’re a minimalist, BBLean will suit you very well.

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4 thoughts on “Speed Up Your Windows Box With a Different Shell”

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  2. Dude, install it already. Right-clicking-to-get-menus is the shiznit, and my home desktop has never been the same again :mrgreen:

    Will I ever go back to explorer.exe? Fat chance.

  3. When I try something out, it usually doesn’t take long for me to decide whether or not I want to keep it. Trying it out even further at work, I’m liking it more and more.

    I’m going to need to tweak it out like crazy to see if I can compete with the likes of others with their decked-out desktops, but it’s been tough to find some resources. I’m picking up bits and pieces from a few blog posts, found thru Technorati, but I need something more. I’ll make a bbLean page on my site if you will…

  4. Hey do that man. I’m not in the business of tweaking window managers, and I’m not really keen on doing that, so I’ll check up on your site when your page is done 🙂

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