$999 for a Zenit Camera?!

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Lomography does it again with the Zenit MF1. With a 1/10-1/100 speed, and a 21mm film format loaded to cartridges, who would effing bother? Ok, it is rather rare to come by any of these, but that’s its only commendable characteristic. Any Zenit camera fan knows that a deadstock unit for more than a $100 is definitely overpriced.

You are better off with old Smena camera models, if you want to experience loading your own film, and you’ll surely get one around $10.


TIP (For the new visitors who’re photography fans): If you don’t have a big budget to acquire a film-based SLR from Nikon or Canon, and would want to experience using one with a manual mode to learn basic photography, you can’t go wrong with a Zenit camera. Where else can you get a second-hand, performer SLR for the price of a mid-end, film point-and-shoot camera? 🙂 So go on, fire up eBay on your browser, and search for ‘Zenit‘. If you need any further advice on this, check out myFotoFAQ, or drop a comment.

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