Finally: Blog Profit Realized

This WP Support thread made me take out a screenshot of my current balance earlier. I don’t what the AdSense police take back my hard-earned ad profit.

Ok, lets put it this way: Based on my balance report, I’ve met the balance requirements for Google to deliver me a check 🙂

I’m not enthusiastically giddy and all, but if I’m reading this right, this is a pretty good treat indeed.

[Listening to: Lordsy – New Order – (5:41)]

7 thoughts on “Finally: Blog Profit Realized”

  1. Yeah, good thing you removed i or else they can cancl your check. AdSense only allows publishers to reveal their earnings but not the CPM and CTR. Others may get a hint what type pf content gets the most number of clicks. How many months it took you get get past the quota?

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